Exchange on decentralization processes with the National Congress of Chile

On Friday 12 November 2021, a presentation was made on two models of territorial distribution of power and their translation into second chambers: the Spanish and the German.

The session began with a presentation of the state of the art of the Chilean decentralisation the parliamentary expert of the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Rebolledo.

The expert from the German Bundesrat, Sandra Michel, presented the German constitutional model, both in terms of the division of powers between the state and the federal state, and the main functions of the Bundesrat, the German second chamber.

Subsequently, Professor Javier GarcĂ­a Roca presented the Spanish constitutional design of autonomous communities, distribution of competences and their main challenges. Benoit Haudrechy, from the French Senate was also present.

More info on the partnerships with Chile available at these 2 pages: