Workshop on Gender Sensitive Post-legislative Scrutiny with the Chamber of Deputies of Chile

On 15 July, INTER PARES organised a workshop on gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny with staff from the Law Evaluation Department of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile. The session was led by Hannah Johnson, senior gender adviser, INTER PARES, and Dr. Maria Mousmouti, Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, and Executive Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law.

The overall aim of the session was to introduce the concept of gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny and its practical application in relation to the department’s current methodology. The workshop presented INTER PARES’ five-step gender-sensitive scrutiny model and analysed how it can be applied across the legislative cycle by taking cues from practical case studies. There was a high level of engagement from the parliamentary staff in attendance who looked to deepen their knowledge on the topic and to find ways to apply the information directly to their work.

INTER PARES will continue to work with the Law Evaluation Department for incorporating a gender-sensitive perspective into their work.