INTER PARES Partnership with the House of Representative of Libya (Round III)

Peer-to-peer partnership


Priority 1 Strengthening legislative capacity
Priority 2 Strengthening research capacity
Priority 3 Support to the professional development of committee staff
Cross-cutting priority Overall strengthening strategy

The first video conference between the Libyan House of Representatives and partner EU Member States’ Parliaments took place on 4 November 2021.

Participants included representatives from the Libyan House of Representatives, the Hellenic Parliament, Czech Chamber of Deputies, Italian Chamber of Deputies, Maltese House of Representatives, French Senate, European Delegation to Libya and INTER PARES. All partners engaged in lively discussions to agree on the project’s main priorities and course of action.

First activities are expected to take place before the national elections of 24 December and should include a seminar on research methods and management for parliamentary staff early December.