INTER PARES launches Podcast


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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new INTER PARES Parliaments in Partnership podcast series.

In this first ever episode, entitled Making parliaments work for people, we wanted to start at the beginning and introduce the INTER PARES | Parliaments in Partnership – EU Global Project to Strengthen the Capacity of Parliaments as we try to answer what may seem like very simple questions that are ultimately at the heart of parliamentary development: Why do parliaments matter and what can parliaments learn from one another?

The episode features interviews with Gonzalo Jorro-Martinez, Policy Officer – Democracy – Parliaments and Political Parties, European Commission, Laura Thornton, Director of Global Programme, International IDEA, and Jonathan Murphy, Head of Programme, INTER PARES.

The podcast is hosted by Ingrid Walker, Programme Officer for INTER PARES at International IDEA.

INTER PARES | Parliaments in Partnership Podcast – Episode 1 Making parliaments work for people

Note: The Library audio file is downloadable.