by Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Centre for Innovation in Parliament

The Centre for Innovation in Parliament (CIP) is a partnership between the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and parliaments around the world. It harnesses the potential for innovation across parliaments by bringing them together, supporting collaboration on solutions and sharing knowledge with the wider parliamentary community.

Given the great impact technology has today on the functioning of parliaments, INTER PARES supports parliamentary innovation in its partnerships and promotes research on parliamentary innovation, including digital technologies and e-Parliaments.

INTER PARES contributes through EU funding to the IPU's Centre for Innovation in Parliaments, promoting research on parliamentary innovation in the following areas: a) the development of the 2020 World e-Parliament Report, intended to help parliaments harness the power of new technology to become better and stronger institutions; b) the Innovation Tracker, the blog sharing innovative practices in Parliaments; c) Good practice guides that compile and analyse examples of how Parliaments are addressing specific issues.