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Below you will find an overview of all the INTER PARES partner countries around the world. Five new countries will be announced every six months and project activities are updated regularly. Get in touch with the INTER PARES Project Team if you want to find out more.

INTER PARES Partnerships

The Gambia
Trinidad and Tobago

Criteria for the prioritisation of partner countries

  • Countries in which EU Delegations were asked to implement the first and second generations of the pilot exercise of the EU Agenda for Action on Democracy Support. 
  • Countries where follow up is required on EU and OSCE Electoral Observation Missions, aiming at supporting the implementation of recommendations. 
  • “Graduated” countries: any of the Lower Middle-Income and Upper Middle-Income Countries, where the EU has reduced its bilateral development assistance. 
  • Countries in (sudden) democratic transition or undergoing political reform processes: where an intervention is relevant and urgent before the EU Delegation can put in place a country-specific parliamentary strengthening project.
  • Exclusion criteria: where the EU is already financing a country-specific parliamentary strengthening project.
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