Exchange between the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies and Hellenic Parliament on Parliamentary Budget Offices

On 19 July, a third exchange was held between the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies and the Hellenic Parliament, on this occasion involving Members of Parliament of both legislatures. In the activity, the president of the Bolivian Commission of Planification engaged in a dialogue on parliamentary budget offices with members of the Greek Special Standing Committee on the Financial Statement and the General Balance Sheet and the implementation of the State Budget. They shared perspectives on the contribution of parliamentary budget offices to their work, and how to effectively support them.

This activity was the third facilitated by INTER PARES between the two parliaments with the aim of learning about and sharing experiences on the creation, organization, and implementation of parliamentary budget offices. As a result of the exchanges carried out in past months, the Bolivian Commission of Planification has prepared a proposal for an office they wish to establish to support the Pluractional Legislative Assembly in the analysis and passing of the general state budget, as well as of bills and public policies with fiscal impacts. This proposal was presented in this third exchange and was commented on by the MPs and coordinator of the parliamentary budget office of the Hellenic Parliament.

INTER PARES will continue to work with the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies to support them on this and other priorities.