Insights from the 2nd Edition of the INTER PARES Summer School

The second edition of INTER PARES summer school took place in June (June 14, 2023 to June 30, 2023), with six online sessions attended by a total of 44 parliamentary staff from Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Lithuania, Malawi, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and Ukraine.

The interactive workshops were delivered on Zoom by experts in each respective field, building on the core course of the INTER PARES e-learning programme. Feedback was once again very positive: the sessions enjoyed active participation throughout, and four in five participants indicated they would be able to directly apply what they learned in their work. Participants also expressed their appreciation for this opportunity to enhance inter-parliamentary cooperation and learning among Parliaments at a global level.

Upon completion of the programme, all participants received a certificate of participation.

Given the appetite for this type of learning opportunity across the parliamentary community, INTER PARES will explore similar offerings in French and Spanish, as well as future editions of the summer school in English.