INTER PARES Partnership with the Dewan Rakyat (Round I)

INTER PARES Partnership with the Dewan Rakyat


Priority 1 Financial Oversight
Priority 2 Standing and Select Committee procedures and structures
Priority 3 Open Parliament
Priority 4 Ombudsman Office

EU Member States Parliaments

Priority 1

Financial Oversight

  • To provide the PAC with the authority, capacity and resources to hold the government to account on budgetary matters, while being able to ask the government to duly consider its recommendations.
  • To develop a full cycle approach to parliament’s involvement, most particularly through the Budget Select Committee in the budget process to ensure effective budget scrutiny implementation oversight, in collaboration with the Auditor General’s Office.

Activity 1.1 - The study visit of MPs and parliamentary staff from the House of Representatives of the Dewan Rakyat to the German Bundestag (Read more).

Priority 2

Standing and Select Committee procedures and structures

  • To ensure a practical and operational restructuring of the Committee on Rights and Gender Equality and create two operating committees: a committee dedicated to gender equality and a committee on human rights and constitutional affairs.
  • To ensure that the Committee on Gender Equality is a fully-fledged operational committee, with the necessary structure and technical capacity in place to review legislation from a gender perspective, to propose gender-responsive legislation and gender-targeted actions.
  • To institutionalise select committees and provide both standing and select committees with the necessary rules of procedure, financial and human resources to be able to actively contribute to the legislative process, contribute to public policymaking and effectively scrutinise the executive.

Priority 3

Open Parliament

  • To effectively engage with citizens through development and implementation of an open parliament workplan in line with Open Government Partnership principles.
  • To create digital platforms for engagement and information, specifically the E-Parliament, including a dedicated social media platform. 

Priority 4

Ombudsman Office

To support establishment of an independent and impartial body that holds public authorities and their staff to account, and investigates complaints and maladministration.